Currently Looking For

1. 2011-2013 Honda Accord Sedan

2. 2006-2011 Honda Civic Coupe

3. 2006-2011 BMW 3 Series Sedan (E90)

4. 2007-2013 BMW 3 Series Coupe (E92)

5. 2012-2018 BMW 3 Series Sedan (F30)

6. 2014-2020 BMW 3 Series Convertible (F33)

7. 2015-2020 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36)

8. 2015-2020 BMW M4 Coupe (F82)



1. Test vehicle must be available for 1-3 hours on the appointment day at our testing facility in San Jose, California.

2. Test vehicle may be needed for multiple test sessions in different days for the development product.

3. Test vehicle must have original (OEM) body and components for product test fitting and development.



1. It is the lender’s duty to provide vehicle transportation to and from Bayson R Motorsports testing facility in San Jose, California.
2. Lender will grant Bayson R Motorsports permission to use images/videos of lender’s vehicle for our website, social media sites, and other advertising and media promotions.
3. There is no further warranty on the prototype product(s). Lender assumes all responsibilities for using the prototype product(s).


In exchange the vehicle owner will be given the opportunity to acquire the test product from Bayson R Motorsports for the development vehicle at a heavily discounted price, at Bayson R Motorsports discretion.

If interested, please email to sales@baysonr.com with the vehicle's year/make/model/trim along with a few photos and one of our representatives will reach out to you for more detail.