How to Reform Polyurethane Product?

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If this lip is painted or installed on vehicle!!!
Please test fit the part to your vehicle prior to paint or install. This lip is made out of
polyurethane (PU) material to be bend-friendly. If the part is out of shape, it will return to its
original shape after heat up + cool down in one of the following ways:
Heating Preparation:
1. In the summer if it’s hot out there with 86°F (30°C) or higher just use the sun unattended
for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Remember to put the lip back into its lip bag while heating.
2. Use heat gun (hair dryer) if available. You may bend the part to the ideal shape while
heating it up with your heat gun. Typically holding the heat gun 1 foot away when
heating up a particular spot for 2 to 3 minutes (hair dryer may take a bit longer) of heat
up time.
3. Once the part got softens, you may bend it back to shape, and quickly cool it down with a
fan after.
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Painting Preparation:
All parts are manufactured of high quality flexible urethane and require preparation to paint.
Due to the high flexibility of this product and the mold release agents used during
manufacturing, it is necessary to carefully prepare and utilize paint products that are flexible or
can be used with flex agent additives. (Consult with an Automotive Paint Supplier for their
recommendations on specific brands and products).
1. Clean all areas using SIMPLE GREEN or 3M PREP SOLVENT-70 with a 3M
SCOTCHBRITE #7447 pad and water. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Wet sand all areas to be painted with 320-440 grit wet or dry paper.
3. If any filling is required, us a 2 component Urethane filler following the manufacturer’s
4. Use a plastic preparation such as DuPONT PLASTIC PREP #2319 and ADHESION
PROMOTER #2322 or similar products.
5. Prime areas to be painted using a catalyzed 2 component primer designed to be used on
flexible Urethane parts.
6. After primer has dried, wet sand using 400-500 grit wet or dry sand paper.
7. Clean part using a prep solvent.
8. Paint part using a urethane-based paint such as DuPONT CHROMASYSTEM or a paint
that could be used with a flex agent additive.


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